Investment Podcasts

Investment Podcasts - Investment Podcasts

For detailed information about investment and trade opportunities in Malaysia, readers can consult these podcasts.

Ringgit and Sense –

Want to be a genius at managing other people’s money? Managing personal finance is quite challenging. This podcast allows listeners to understand personal risk profiles, investment portfolios, investment advice, retirement planning, education loans, and health insurance plans. They also review a range of personal finance products.


This is an initiative started by students looking to learn more about trading opportunities in Malaysia. They are devoted to spreading awareness regarding the importance of knowledge in finance and how it can empower young people. The team is currently composed of over 30 people in Malaysia. They are focused on giving the best financial talks and publications.

Brown Guy Talk Finance –

This is a millennial inspired talk show hosted to be a licensed financial planner. He helps people to get a grip on financial planning firms in Malaysia. He helps listeners to stay on track by helping them to achieve personal financial goals.

The Brown Guy provides free educational advice. Many millennials are said to be illiterate with personal finance in Malaysia. This guy is dedicated to educating fellow millennials about personal finance. Everyone and anyone can understand these workshops.

Shamir Kumar Nandy –

This guy is an educated Business Coach and has mastered investment by developing a series of strategies throughout his career. He provides a financial solution to listeners by guiding them to experience the Malaysian market in a new light. He shows advanced investors how to traverse the financial space and leads beginners to make investment decisions on their own.

My Personal Finances PodCat –

This podcast is great for beginners starting out their careers in trading and investment. PodCat goes live, a weekly financial podcast that helps listeners to simplify and grow their investments and personal finances. The podcast show is hosted by Catherine Tan. She interviews famous guests weekly on personal finance and investment-related topics.

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